What is the need for a children’s Bible, a teens Bible, a mothers Bible and a Leaders Bible, If the Word of God is the same for all of them?

If this is a question that you’ve been thinking about, you’re not the only one. However, the answer may be simpler that you’d think.

People are different! People are unique! As much as we can all agree that biblical scripture itself is absolute Truth, the application of its principles may look different for people coming from various unique backgrounds. Personalized side notes often compiled out of the experiences of those gone before us can be instrumental in helping people better understand scriptures in the light of their particular circumstances.

Take for example, a marriage bible with specific expositions from biblical texts related to marriage. These expositions, often coming out of the experiences of married couples themselves may serve as guiding lights as new couple try to apply biblical truths related to marriage in their lives. Similarly, a new church/business leader may be reading the bible hoping to equip himself with Godly wisdom to lead a team. Exposition from experienced leaders compiled in a leadership bible may enable them better understand biblical texts, equipping them in their leadership journey.  

Similarly, a mother who is reading the bible to her child may be hoping to introduce to the kid, the concept of faith through the stories of various heroes of bible. A kid’s bible with colourful visual aid can help the mother keep the attention of the child as she goes through this process. This may be very different from the way a teen reads the bible. He/she may be looking for answers to difficult questions that we all grapple with during our teenage years. A teens bible containing additional side notes from youth pastors and teens ministry leaders may help a teenager better understand and apply Biblical truths in the search for his/her answers.

The Word of God (biblical text itself) remains the same in each of the above four cases. What is different is additional exposition on the biblical texts relevant for the reader. These additional side notes go a long way in helping people apply the principles of the bible in their everyday lives.

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